Editorial Cartoonist Interview

      Editorial Cartoonist Interview

editorial cartoonist interview

Cartoonist Ray Osrin drives to work

This editorial cartoonist interview with Ray Osrin has to be one of the most interesting and in depth videos concerning the field of editorial cartooning. The Ray Osrin Editorial Cartoonist interview included here is now aged, but offers details into the state of editorial cartooning back in a time when newspapers (and political cartoonists) proliferated. It’s archived by the Cleveland State University and provides an interesting glimpse in what was once a field that many cartoonists aspired to be in and one which employed many excellent artists at newspapers around the country. Another interesting aspect of the video is that it is dated and goes back to the early 1970’s which was a tumultuous time in the world . . . perfect fodder for a cartoonist to generate an endless stream of ideas and gags from. Note all  the classic cars going down the highway as Ray is on his way into work! And how about that intro music at the beginning of the video – can you guess what famous television commercial it was and the product in endorsed?

              Old School Drawing Tools?

Look at Ray’s brushwork and how seemingly easy he makes it look. Back then and even into the 90’s, you’ll notice his use of the chemically treated “duo-tone” drawing paper whereby artists would dip a brush into a tiny bottle of chemically treated fluid and apply brush strokes onto certain areas of the paper to bring out a dotted tone or  lines incorporated within the overall look of the finished cartoon. Much of these techniques are now done on Wacom tablets or Cintiq digital drawing devices that work in conjunction with software like Photoshop. So much of the “manual” parts of creating cartoons have now switched to using software. Newspapers no longer consider the talents of editorial cartoonists as part of their journalistic repertoire due to many factors such as budgeting, the economy, the impact that the internet has made on their own publication(s), loss of subscribers who now prefer to get content/news/information online, newsprint costs have risen dramatically over the last decade plus other larger newspapers have either folded or have been absorbed into a nearby competing newspaper not to mention how the economy had affected the overall industry of newspaper publishing.

Political cartoonist interview with Ray Osrin

Also note Ray mentioning how cartooning allows artists to “throw off the shackles of depression” to make their statements through cartoons…..it’s one of the best ways to express yourself and when you get that creativity published, there is even an extra added plus (you get paid).  Many cartoonists are now offering their services electronically to the publishing market directly. Editors can hire an artist via the web to create their own ideas or content or even license existing images directly off of an illustrator’s own online catalog of work. My own cartoons have appeared in newspapers this way and I’ve created custom editorial cartoons for many newspaper editors around the country and here are a few samples of some of my editorial cartoons created for the Florida Farm Bureau.

Can Your Newspaper Use Custom Editorial Cartoons?

Need custom editorial cartoons created? I can assist your editorial needs if you have cartoon questions, just email me at my address on my contact page or use the form to get hold of me. I can call you if you have a number you’d like me to call you directly at.