Editorial cartoon content created to your specifications

Editorial cartoon content doesn’t necessarily mean for newspapers. After discoveringeditorial cartoon content this old custom editorial cartoon I created for a newsletter that was published by The American Beverage Institute, it prompted me to clarify a few things about the concept of “editorial cartoons”

So many times, over the years we are mentally programmed to think that editorial cartoons are meant for just newspapers.

Cartoon content created under your guidance relating to your subject matter

Well, in fact when there was no internet, newspapers were flourishing and they were a primary news source for the public . . . aside from the usual radio and television broadcast networks.

You decide what content to create that makes  for great cartoons

However, over time, the world of digital has become a mainstay in the world of publishing and I see the advancement of blogging alone, which lends itself to having a need for custom blog cartoons and the same can be said for many news related websites.

Many news websites can use editorial cartoon content to make a political statement or any kind of statement regarding current affairs, the economy and much more.

I’d like to reiterate the importance of having  custom editorial cartoons created for any of your print / digital projects as they add impact to your message.

The particular sample here, was assigned by the editors at The American Beverage Institute who used it in a column of their monthly glossy newsletter that focused on non-smoking and smoking issues in restaurants and eateries.

The editor gave me the idea she had in mind for the cartoon and she was good at writing cartoon gags that focused on content her newsletter focused on. All I had to do was create a rough sketch (sometimes two) and show them to her. It always went relatively simple, in that once she saw my rough sketch, she either liked what she saw, or gave me instructions on what to change or edit in the cartoon before finalizing it and supplying her with the finished cartoon work.


Editorial cartoon content now covers a broad spectrum and editorial cartoons are great for use in blogs, social media, newsletters, email blasts and so much more.

Contact me with any questions if you need answers about pricing or cost.  Thanks for taking the time out to visit the ToonBlog.