Editing Cartoons

editing cartoonsEditing cartoons is a part of my cartoon service that I always emphasize. Redrawing cartoons is easily accomplished and all you need to do is contact me with your questions and specific information and I can guarantee a quick response. I’ve talked about my specialty of doing cartoon redraws or redoing certain cartoons that may look better if redrawn so that they are not in a vertical format but done as a horizontal cartoon. Or vice versa!

Sometime a specific web page layout my have columns that only accommodate a certain height and a cartoon would fit better if redrawn to fit a more horizontal format. It’s good to consider the image area in which you plan to use the final artwork on because sizing is an important factor.

Consider size area when having cartoons redrawn

Same goes for a magazine or newsletter layout. To help understand this a bit better, I was recently illustrating a cartoon calendar and one of the illustrations was based on the ‘Princess and the pea’ concept and created the vertical cartoon which has gray shading in the background. The art director I was working with really liked it.

Not long after, she reconnected with me asking if I could edit the cartoon so it’s redrawn in a horizontal format to fit in a space for her client. We worked things out and in fact, I like the more horizontal version alot better anyway! I’m sharing the first version at the beginning of this post, to give an idea of what I mean. It’s a vertical cartoon that I enhanced with a little shading to make it “pop”.

The second version of the same cartoon is also shown in a horizontal format. Compare both to get what I mean. Of course, let’s assume you are having me illustrate a custom cartoon for a certain project you’re working on and I am showing you rough sketches. I could also switch from showing a vertically illustrated and follow it up with another version illustrated horizontally.

Editing cartoons for many different applications

This will give you some insights on how that artwork may be formatted into your proposed layout. If you’re looking for a custom cartoon calendar, then images ought to be done horizontally. If you’re considering cartoons for greeting cards, the artwork is probably better drawn vertically.

The same goes for having t-shirt cartoons created . . . use them in editing cartoonshorizontal format, since you can get the full impact of your message or cartoon, across the very top front of the image area. Cartoons for t-shirts are a part of what I can do for you.These factors should be considered when planning out your project and keep this in mind, prior to making initial contact. Editing cartoons may involve discussing something verbally, so if you have a phone number you can provide, do so when emailing. Thank you!