Eating Cartoons About Food and Dining

Eating Cartoons
eating cartoons

Eating cartoons are very abundant throughout DansCartoons! My cartoon characters are overweight and sometimes slovenly looking in appearance!

Cartoon characters that enjoy food are available

So of course, many of the panels throughout my cartoon catalogs will show cartoons where my characters are enjoying food, or sitting in a cafe or restaurant and enjoying some sort of food. Don’t forget, cartoon characters need to look funny and possibly chubby in order to represent the humor I try to convey.


If you don’t understand, how about taking some time to browse and sift through other separate catalogs of my cartoons, especially the ones you’ll find when you click the sample cartoon in this blog post. Many of the cartoons depict my cartoon characters in restaurant settings, in cafes or in kitchens cooking. Others are those which show people eating sandwiches or hamburgers and so forth. My featured image also shows a waiter kicking a pig out of an ‘All You Can Eat’ buffet.


I enjoyed drawing this cartoon because it has elements that are my favorites….animals and the fact it is also a captionless, as I have said before, captionless cartoons have always been a favorite of mine, since they tell a story without having to depict any of the characters talking or explaining what the main gag element(s) within the cartoon may be about.

Foodie funnies and cartoon characters who are eating alot of food

If you’re seeking any types of food consumption cartoons or restaurant cartoons, then look around, as some of these may work for a book you’re working on about dieting, or perhaps you’re writing an article about dining out, weight loss, over-eating etc. Any of my images are always open for re-edits….they can be re-drawn, re-captioned, colorized and changed to your liking. Just drop me a line and ask any kinds of questions that come to mind and let me know how you intend on using the cartoon in whatever type of project you’re working on.