Cartoon drawing techniques are essential to getting cartoons accepted

Drawing well is the best revenge. drawing wellThat phrase came back to mind upon stumbling across this old Copley News Service display ad that appeared in the January 26 1991 issue of Editor & Publisher magazine that was read by newspaper editors and publishers across the United States and Canada and Europe.

Drawing well also stuck in my head all those years ago since I was trying to perfect my cartooning style and I was trying to acquire magazine markets and newspaper clients when I was distributing thousands of cartoons and showing packages of my work in a self syndication effort.

I am not certain of Copley’s current state in the content business but I do know at the time, they were actively syndicating many excellent cartoonists and this all took place when there was literally no internet.

As you’ll see by what’s stated in the ad, the syndicate had 900 newspapers in the states and abroad who were subscribing to their service.

Drawing well is the cartoonist’s best revenge

I kept this advertisement because it also had appeal from the standpoint that it included an eye catching cartoon subject matter that’s near and dear  – an extraterrestrial cartoon!

And note, even back in 1991 global warming was a hot topic (pun intended!), but 27 years later, as of this writing, are we affected any worse by the topic? Will we be affected any much more than we are now? Think about it.

Drawing well really is the best revenge for the cartoonists who stick with it and can find ways in which he or she can modify and perfect their illustration and cartooning style.

Drawing well also takes time and patience in creating great cartoons

Even though cartoonists have a natural penchant for doodling and drawing, it takes time, persistence and patience to finally reach a point where you’re somewhat satisfied with how your work looks.


The ultimate test is will editors like it and appreciate it enough to publish it. If you’ve achieved that, and you were paid for it then you are certainly drawing well!