Donald Trump Cartoons about politics

Donald Trump cartoons are probably the most popular types of political cartoons available! Trump was elected president of the United States in one of the most negative presidential races in history.

You either love Trump or you don’t. If you’re a cartoonist like me, you love Trump because he is an endless resource of cartoon content that you can write new material about. Every day it’s a new presidential tweet or President Trump says some off color remark that sets the fake news media into a tail spin!trump comic cartoon

President Donald Trump political cartoon humor

Donald Trump cartoons are great for your newspaper and magazine articles and in fact, if you have an idea about portraying ‘The Donald’ in a specific humorous way, I could do a “custom political cartoon” for you, based on any information you’d supply!

malania trump cartoonThink about the attention that kind of humorous illustration might generate for your book, blog, apparel, or if used on social media or in an advertising campaign! If you would like to know more about pricing for having a custom Donald Trump cartoons created, or just have some basic questions on how the procedure would work between us, just contact me….no question is too big or small and if you think we need to talk about it, send me your business phone number in an email, and I will call you immediately!trump politican cartoon

I am showing some of my Donald Trump cartoon samples here, and in fact, any of these are open for use and reprinting any one of these cartoons is negotiable.donald trump cartoons

Political cartoons about President Trump

Just attach the cartoon of interest and tell me your intended usage and my quote will be based on that. I specialize in political cartoons so have a look at some of those samples also. You might even see a potential new Trump cartoon in there as I could re-draw and / or colorize any of those cartoons in that selection.