Dog chart cartoon

dog chart cartoon

Dog chart cartoon showing dogs with rockets strapped to their backs. Why did I draw this cartoon? It was created to depict the up and down sales of a dog food.

I sill like the cartoon because it has a lively look and appearance and speaks for itself.

Cartoons depicting charts available

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Dog cartoons and pet cartoons have always been a favorite kind of cartoon to create as I am an animal lover and dog lover to be specific.

Dog cartoon humor can be supplied on request

More of my cartoons are available for use from within my cartoon catalogs and I will re-draw any cartoon you need to have modified. Email your business phone number and I will call you immediately to discuss anything you request.

No deadline is too big or too small and I guarantee my work. Fast turn-arounds are no problem whatsoever!

My dog and canine cartoons have appeared in newsletters, books, presentations and on apparel and I have published dog related comics for many years.

I actually began creating cartoons about dogs in my earliest years of doing gag panel cartoons because there was an active publishing market for these kinds of cartoons, not to mention other “specialty” magazines relating to pets like veterinary magazines and more.


If you’re a publisher, I can send you a selection of dog cartoons to consider if you contact me using my contact form or email address on my form. Thank you!