Doctor Patient

doctor patient

Doctor patient cartoons for your projects can be easily reviewed by you or your art / creative people for use in any commercial publishing projects. All cartoons can be quickly downloaded once you choose how the cartoon will be used and you check out of the shopping cart.

Any medical cartoons found throughout my various catalogs are available for editing. If there is a cartoon that you see that can be re-drawn to fit your project, contact me.
Supply details as to what needs to be changed, edited or modified in the cartoon of interest and I’ll make the appropriate changes.

I will attach it in a follow up email for your review and if it is acceptable, I’ll give the drawing a final inking and format it to your requirements. You may also want to consider the potential of adding color to cartoons. This enhancement will add an overall attraction to the image and attract the reader to your article or content.

Even though some of my favorite doctor cartoons are black and white line art, color always add an extra added appeal and overall intrinsic value to an image in this respect. Added tip: cartoons like mine have been used in print advertising, books, magazines, newsletters and web pages. Gaining in popularity is the use of cartoons for social media. Not just for advertising, but for use on a hospital page, your clinic’s page or for instance your Twitter page.

Consider how using this kind of content will make a statement as you share your humorous outlook on the interactions of medical professionals and their patients. You’ll be remembered! Here are more samples of doctor cartoon humor and humorous medical doctor cartoon images. If you want to talk about any specific cartoon, provide a number that you can be reached at and I’ll contact you as soon as I hear.

Doctor talks to patient telling him to consult with Siri for second opinion
Doctor shows patient laptop and tells him he’ll use it to formulate a second opinion
Doctor gives large pharmaceutical capsule to patient indicating a larger overall dosage