Doctor Cartoons About Physicians And Patients

Doctor Cartoons

doctor cartoonsDoctor cartoons are a favorite genre of my production schedule. I’ve been drawing these types of single panel gag cartoons for ages and they are always found to be funny.

I offer the cartoons available here, for your licensing and reprinting in any kind of professional projects you’re working on.

Simply browse through the catalog / gallery of work below. And then refer to the image number (top left of each cartoon) of interest.

Contact me by using the convenient email form or email me directly at and I will respond quickly.

Tell me how you intend on using the cartoon of interest and I will get back with a reasonably priced quote, based on the usage you mention.

In pricing cartoons, I have a finite set of guidelines to make it easily understood on how fees are determined.

These cartoon licensing fees are based on many years of personally negotiating with editors, publishers and consultants who have used my work in many ways.

Doctor cartoons can be used in a variety of ways

Some of the ways in which my work can and has been utilized include:

  • As filler content in back pages of magazines
  • As editorial content on editorial pages in newsprint
  • Cartoons used on the front of direct-mail pieces
  • Humor pages on Facebook business pages
  • Assist bloggers by including cartoons in blog articles
  • On your company web site on the front page
  • To enhance the text or articles in newsletters
  • Used in display advertising in print projects
  • As article enhancements in magazine content

There are also other ingenious ways in which gag panel cartoon humor can be used and the only limitations are your imagination.

Doctor and medical cartoons for web and print

If you see any cartoon offered on this page and you can see it being improved or re-drawn a certain way in order to fit your narrative, contact me with that information and I can redraw or modify the artwork, based on your requirements.

Redrawing cartoons is a feature I always offer, since I realize the finite cartoon humor throughout my catalogs is not always the exact type of humor you might be seeking.

A special negotiable fee can be discussed, based on what you might need the cartoon for. My medical cartoons have appeared in many national medical magazines over the years . Also visit my nurse cartoons and nursing cartoons catalogs!

If you think we can collaborate, drop me a line and as mentioned, a fast response is guaranteed!