Direct Mail Cartoons For Advertising and Self Promotion

Direct mail cartoons were a popular feature used back in the day. I use the term “back in the day” meaning prior to the internet affecting promotion as we know it. This isn’t to say direct mail still isn’t a powerful print medium for promoting. Catalog companies still use it, as do many of the larger companies like Sears and others too numerous to mention in this little cartoon blog.

Direct Mail Cartoons Add Greater Impact To Your Message


My point is in regards to how well I worked with so many small companies and corporate advertisers who relied on direct mail to get their message across, and of course, a custom cartoon to to go along with that message. As I previously stated in earlier postings, custom cartoons carry a greater emphasis on one’s own message that using simple “bland” copy or text. There is a story with each customized cartoon you see that appears on a direct mailer. This particular cartoon I am providing as a sample here is in reference to anatomical models and healthcare simulators that were sold by a distributor. The owner of the company contacted me and provided the specifics he had in mind for a “cartoonish” looking scenario that depicted a medical technician with a clip board and pointer, pointing it at an image of himself on the board, with a view of his insides.

Cartoonist Should Pursue Corporate Direct Mail Advertisers

The direct mail cartoons used in this manner will have an immediate impact and tell the recipient what exactly the message inside relates to. In fact, the owner of the anatomical model company  said the cartoon generated a great response rate. Most cartoonists or illustrators relay mainly on representatives (including illustration directories) to find them assignments. But I’ve always felt better in locating business owners on my own, and negotiating cartoon pricing with them one on one since this seems like a more direct, and personal approach into selling my cartoons and offering my illustration services to whomever discovers me. This is yet another topic I’ll hope to expound on later and in more detail.