Cartoons For Digital Publishing And Newsletters

digital newsletter cartoons

Cartoons used in digital newsletter published by private equity asset management firm

Digital newsletter cartoons are a popular feature in the online publishing realm. There are all kinds of large and small companies and associations that now deliver company information electronically to their members and subscribers via electronically delivered newsletters. If you are just launching your own online publication, give some thought as to the addition of a well placed cartoon somewhere in the column width of your layout. I’m providing a sample here to help provoke your creativity.

Digital newsletter cartoons attract attention

Single panel gag cartoons are not just popular additions in the magazine business but have been featured as popular content for just as many years in various newsletters of all kinds. By publishing your newsletter electronically, you can link to a downloadable version from your company or business web site and you now have a global audience.

Different cartoons for different digital topics can easily be found

By using digital newsletter cartoons, you’ll be enhancing the look and feel of your publication, and you’ll show your subscribers that you have a sense of humor and at the same time, making a statement visitors logging in. By “statement”, I want to emphasize there are cartoons I have in over sixty separate categories that you could match to the topic of your current issue. The sample I provide here was selected by a finance publication but the content dealt with a topic pertaining to agriculture.

If your monthly topic is computer technology, I have dozens of computer cartoons to choose from. If your current topic is about investing, I have a lot of Wall Street related cartoons. Take some time to browse the various catalogs I offer here:

In essence, it is simple to cross reference cartoons for potential use by browsing my catalogs because all work is categorized for your convenience. Your stopping by the ToonBlog and taking time out to read this short article is greatly appreciated and feel free to share it with any of your contacts!