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devil cartoons

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Devil cartoons can be funny. Even though some of them they represent a place in the Bible that is a place where no one wants to go! I’ve done many cartoons that have satan as a central character or show a cartoon scenario in hell. I try to revolve around humor and not dwell on the negative.

Sort of like the ubiquitous guy stranded on a desert island concept. No one ever wants to find themselves in that predicament but when an idea for a cartoon comes to mind, watch out….the idea is illustrated and there you have yet another funny concept depicting our sorry character finding him or herself in some bizarre unforgiving predicament on a breezy deserted island with a beautiful palm tree!

Same goes for my devil cartoons. I think the “reverse psychology” gag works it’s magic so many times when it comes to making fun of a character who we are familiar with here in this earthly realm…say the unforgiving lawyer who charged you so much for that court case. Now wouldn’t you like to see that same lawyer in a cartoon concept where he’s stuck in hell, dealing with perhaps satan?

Human nature being what it is, we still like to see the bad guy (Lucifer) suffering too. There is a form of “sick humor” by which the human condition finds it funny to see a politician in hell, paying for his or her crimes. Many other scenarios could be applied here, but you get the idea for a new cartoon every time. All cartoons in the selection available here can be colorized and also redrawn and recaptioned upon request. Other similar cartoons not featured here can be sent to you in a separate selection and simply contact me directly with any questions you have.