Dental Floss Cartoon

dental floss cartoon

Dental floss cartoon available on this page can be licensed for any usage. I have always created dental cartoons and the subject matter has definitely makes for ideal subject matter when I write material that relates to the dental profession.

There are many tangents to go off on. Either with relating to unruly patients or exhausted dentists, there seem to be an endless stream of topics from which to generate ideas from.  I began doing cartoons about the dental profession early on and much to my chagrin, many editors seemed to like what I was showing them.

Many unusual publications in the dental field such as The Journal Of The Canadian Dental Association (based in the capital of Ottawa), Michigan Dental Journal (based in the state capital of Lansing) and Dental Economics have used my work. The Kentucky Dental Association has also published my work in their magazine and other regional dentistry magazines .

By clicking the thumbnail of the cartoon on the page here, it will enlarge to view a more finite version. I have the high resolution image file of this same cartoon, so what you would receive is a version minus the embedded digital text appearing above the cartoon characters.

Simply email me with detailed information on how you plan to use the artwork, so that I can quote you a reasonable licensing fee based on the usage intended. If you’d like custom cartoons that are similar to this for an advertising campaign, or to use in a book, provide this information in advance. More dental floss cartoon humor is available and I ask you to inquire if you’d like to see more. There is alot of other cartoon material I may not have posted yet.

Custom cartoon calendars would be a unique item for your dental association or to give your clients who are part of your “clinic family”. They would definitely appreciate you and remember you and of course, you may not have to remind them of any future dental appointments!