Dental Cartoons
dental cartoons

All of the dental cartoons I provide are available to anyone who needs quality cartoons about the dental profession. Click here to access my dental cartoons catalog

Whether you’re a marketer, editor, consultant or promoter of the dental profession or writing a book about oral hygiene or how the dentistry profession needs quality talent, I have cartoons for you.

I have been creating dental cartoons since I began working in the freelance cartooning business back in the 1970’s. Many of my cartoons were published in trade journals geared towards dentists.

Cartoons About Dentistry For Dental Professionals

Other regional dental associations were publishing their own magazines or newspaper tabloids for their memberships. Many state associations  were dedicated, and still are dedicated to providing any kind of ethical print information for their members.

If you are using social media to promote your dental business, perhaps a cartoon will liven up your page or postings. You may use Twitter to alert your patients and followers about special dates you’ll be closed. Perhaps on a holiday or possibly an emergency.

A well placed cartoon to go along with your message would work wonders and enhance your message greatly.

Customizing existing cartoons and re-drawing cartoon panels is available

Consider the fact I can also re-draw any dental cartoons to your preference. Cartoons can be tailored to your actual customer base or there may be black & white cartoons you see which will have a greater impact if they are colorized.

Colorizing cartoons is also a part of my cartooning service, so if you want this done, just ask. Contact me with any other questions you might have in regards to a special idea you’d like to have illustrated.

Some ideas you might like to consider are perhaps a coloring book to offer your customers for their children. Your customers will remember your practice for this!

You might be a consultant preparing a presentation to a group of orthodontists – consider having a couple of well placed cartoons in the presentation. Those orthodontists will have a better memory of that presentation!

Other things to consider are using cartoons in your monthly emails to customers. Your newsletters too! Any way in which you disseminate information about your dental practice. Thanks for considering these tips and information and don’t forget to contact me with any questions you may have. Flossing rules!