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dan rosandich cartoonstock cartoonsMy Dan Rosandich Cartoonstock Cartoons collection offers almost 1,500 different cartoons. 1,466 to be exact. My association with this cartoon image licensing service goes way way back. Some may ask why I have an association with a competing database.

It’s very simple in that I get along well with the people running Cartoonstock and they always sell my cartoons each month, plus act as a promoter of my illustration service. That, plus the fact I signed with them long before the notion of assembling and launching my own collection of cartoon offerings and cartoon services.

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I believe they were the first actual cartoon database on the internet and we somehow crossed paths back in 1997 when I was actively promoting my own cartoons and illustration services to editors and publishers across the U.S. and Canada. I simply air mailed my hard copy collections of cartoons and they manually scanned in and archived all appropriate images and then key worded, tagged and set up my pages and then launched them…easy peasey – I did very little.


I highly recommend them to any cartoonists who don’t have the patience or desire to operate and maintain their own cartoon licensing database. I know their new modus operandi for members when they join, is to upload your image files to Cartoonstock and their system does the rest. Which is very cool because it saves both parties time and time can be an enemy when you’re running an online cartoon business.

Not to mention the fact that Cartoonstock like myself is diligent in SEO and marketing and promoting our respective cartoon licensing databases. There are other well known cartoon licensing agencies out there, but none match the notoriety of CS and the reach they have across the web. I am doubly impressed with whatever proprietary software they use in order to find unauthorized users of my cartoons. They always alert me to any copyright violators who use cartoons and offer to use their legal techniques when making an initial contact with a cartoon copyright violator!