Custom QSL Cartoons

Custom QSL cartoons recently came to mind after just being contacted by a hamCUSTOM QSL CARTOONS radio operator in Michigan who wanted to license one of my cartoons for a line of qsl cards he planned on printing up.

I thought I’d write a brief synopsis of these unique personal identification cards that also offer great potential for cartoons to be personalized upon and illustrated for their owners.

For those who are unaware, a qsl card is actually a form of “business card” that is exchanged between fans of amateur or ham radio and citizens band radio users who make long distance contact over their favorite frequencies.

Both types of radio aficionados utilize these unique post card size cards as their “calling card” that includes their call sign, some personal or favorite graphics (and yes, cartoons!) emblazoned across the card and their favorite frequency they hang out at or “monitor”

CB Radio Cartoons and more

Many years ago when I played around with citizens band or CB radio, qsl cards were very popular. I’m talking about the 1970’s and long before the popularity of the internet  was even a glimmer in the eyes of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

You could say CB radios were like Facebook back in those days.

Then a one hit wonder of a song came out by country singer C.W. McCall entitled “Convoy” which made the popularity of CB radios explode and in a way, it ruined the allure since so many people went out and bought their own CB radios….every person on the block had one and all the order that once existed across the 27 Mhz frequencies was a mixture of “opinions” – like what we now see on Facebook. I’d like to offer my samples of recent QSL cards I created here in this post, and let you know I can create any kind of custom cartoons for your card you’re planning.

Pricing to create custom illustrations

Pricing varies, so provide me with as many details in advance as to what kind of card design you’re considering. Will the artwork be in a caricature type of presentation? Will the artwork be in black & white or in color?  Will there be great detail….i.e. radios , computers and a “shack setting” with alot of paraphernalia in the overall illustrations? You can get an additional idea regarding my cartooning style and samples by visiting my ham radio cartoons catalog and even those could be licensed for use on a card you might be planning.