custom-political-cartoonsCustom political cartoons can be created for your poster, t-shirts or apparel and even your  print advertising. If you have a specific message you want to convey or if you are running for office or a political position in your local government or state, consider the power that a custom cartoon can add to your message.

I’ve done a lot of gag cartoons about politics and have created humorous illustrations for county political races and more. Just like my illustrations I create for book publishers, all you need to do is give me a clear and concise description of your idea or concept and I could provide you with a rough sketch based on that information. You’d review it or you could brainstorm with your committee and then contact me with your thoughts on what needs to be changed or modified.

Political cartoons customized to your requirements

Those requested changes can be taken care of and that rough sketch can be given a final inking and cleaned up, scanned into Photoshop and formatted for your intended usage. Please note that in order to give you a reasonable quote for any artwork, it is imperative the get as much information in advance, as to how you intend on using the illustration.

Custom political cartoons for books – digital and more

Will you use the artwork in your various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter along with using it on your campaign web site? Additionally, would that same image be used in email send-outs to your constituents? And would the same cartoon appear on posters, custom political cartoonsstatic televisions ads, newspaper advertising and also in brochures? The greater the usage, the greater the quote because there is a more intrinsic overall “impact” value to the cartoon. And would the artwork be in full color or just in black & white line art?

Custom cartoon for a governor’s candidate

All of these variables are to be considered when I provide you a quote, which will ultimately be a fee that reflects how conducive your budget will be and how fast I can assist you in creating and finalizing the illustration work you need. There is also the option of my re-drawing and editing cartoons from my political cartoons catalog. Take some time to browse through the selection that might provide you the inspiration for new cartoon ideas and concepts.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need custom political cartoons and I thank you in advance for richard nixon cartoonvisiting the ToonBlog.ronald reagan cartoon