Custom Editorial Cartoons For Newsletters

Custom Newsletter Cartoon Illustrations

custom newsletter cartoon illustrations

I created cartoons regularly for ABI and other newsletters who would assign custom cartoons on a monthly basis like this cartoon.

Custom newsletter cartoon illustrations are another service I offer and I am still available for this today. It’s been one of my favorite ways in which to make my cartooning services and cartoons available.

Getting an editor or publisher to send me their ideas or concepts is simple and easy. I always emphasize sending your ideas in Word or in a notepad file.

Back in the the 1990’s B.C. (before computers), the editor would call me to discuss his or her project. Like what is shown in this sample here that is from the American Beverage Institute. This ought to help convey what I’m emphasizing in the post.

The editor and I would have a quick conversation back and forth and as we’d talk, she’d describe her idea or what she envisioned for the cartoon topic of that month’s particular issue. All the while I am jotting down her concepts on a sheet of paper or notepad…I could also have been sketching the image out right there if I remember right.

Since all of this was B.C. (before computers), I’d then refine the image in pencil, clean it up by erasing ugly or looser lines and thenmake a quick rough sketch with a Sharpie. That sketch would then be faxed to her for consideration.

If she liked the image, I’d trace it in pen & ink and put it in a Fedex envelope and deliver it to a local Fedex drop off / pick up where it would be on a plane that night and delivered to her the next morning or early afternoon. When I look back at how I had done things in order to beat deadlines, it was and still could be a reliable way to actually do things today – no computer needed! I have always promoted my cartooning services from the standpoint of being a cartoonist for hire. Whether you need custom cartoon graphics or illustrations, keep me in mind.

I take that back now. Photoshop is one program I couldn’t do without. If you need cartoons, contact me!