Custom Magazine Article Illustrations and Cartoon Service For Editors and Publishers

Custom Magazine Article Illustrations

I decided to reflect upon the service I offer to create custom magazine article illustrations after  recently finding these previously published samples from my archives. custom magazine article illustrationsThis particular cartoon was created for a medical magazine based on Minnesota.

I’m not too pleased to see the wishy washy look that my watercolor style had. Don’t get me wrong. I always enjoyed using watercolors and never minded the time it took to create specific custom cartoons for clients. But when Photoshop burst upon the digital scene, I was blown away by the vivid colors that enhanced all forms of line art and cartoons.

I now render my work by sketching  initial layouts in pencil and going over them in India ink (same with my single panel gag cartoons) – usually with a Rapidograph technical pen. Then I colorize in my antiquated software (Photoshop 6.0) and appropriately bucket fill or enhance using the tools strip . . . illustration portfolio 1sometimes feather my bucket filling or using the filtering tools.

Much can be said about the advancements in Photoshop, but more than anything, I like the time it’s helped creatives save when formatting work.

Cartoonist provides high resolution digital files

Normally I look back at my watercolor techniques as a form of drudgery but this was pre-Photoshop…I never knew any better. No one did!  And aside from having to beat a publisher’s deadline by Fedex’ing original work to a publisher, I only need to be concerned with getting the right digital file format to the editor. Whether it’s a PSD or a high resolution TIFF file that is sized to the width of that image that the client prefers.

Cartoon illustration portfolio pages

Magazine illustrations can be created for you. When seeking magazine illustration jobs, I ask that you also browse my cartoon illustration portfolio page. I am very flexible from having learned over many years on how to price my illustration services based on:

  • The circulation of your publication
  • Whether final art will be in color or not
  • How soon you need to artwork completed
  • How detailed the image will be. Many characters doing alot?
  • Your intended rights usage. Just once in the publication?


These are some aspects to keep in mind, prior to requesting your quote. In the mean time, thank you for considering my services and a few additional samples are posted with this article for a more in-depth understanding of my cartooning style. Visit my web cartoon catalog for access to other portfolio samples of cartoon services currently being provided. Contact me with any questions and as always, thanks!custom article illustrations