Custom Computer Cartoons
custom computer cartoons

Custom computer cartoons for book publishers and authors. Looking for the right cartoons can be difficult  when it comes to that special content you’re writing. There may be a good chance that something from my existing catalog of images could fill that need.

However you can also get a custom cartoon created under your own art direction! Have you given some thought to acting as your own art director? It isn’t difficult. Let me explain.

Say you have a chapter or article pertaining to a specific software….I may be able to investigate through my existing archive and send you some cartoons to consider.

Or perhaps you have a chapter heading for a book you are writing that pertains to social media. I have done many cartoons about Facebook and Twitter and could show some which could possibly spark an idea for you to work from. Many times, a good technique has been for me to read through rough drafts of text, stories or articles and interpret my own idea that I could illustrate from.

Rough sketches for your book projects are a specialty, and can be attached in a follow up, for you to review. If by chance the cartoon is good and matches the content in your writing, that illustration can be finished and then scanned into Photoshop and sized to fit your story.

Computer Cartoon Samples In Gallery Below

Cartoon story illustrations help the reader to better interpret your message and make sure to give me the best description you have in mind for the custom computer cartoon illustrations needed. If you want to talk things over, email a contact phone number where I can reach you and we’ll talk! My computer cartoon humor is available to you.

I’ve been working with computer publications and publishers for many years, all the way back to the 1970’s and no job is too big or too small. Let’s connect and see what could potentially result in our working together!  I’m including a gallery of samples here to give you a better idea of what kinds of work I can do you you.