Custom Cartoon Illustrations

Custom cartoon illustrations are always available. Simply email me with your requirements by supplying me with a scenario you have in mind.

It can easily be done by outlining what you have in mind, and I will create a rough sketch based on that information.

By supplying me with the outline of what you have in mind willcustom cartoon illustrations definitely expedite the process!

I can then attach that rough sketch in a follow up email for your review and consideration.

Custom Cartoon Illustrations Assist In Making Your Point

If need be, tell me if it’s best to discuss further and I’d give you a phone call where we’d go over specifics as to what you want to have changed, modified or re-drawn.

All of this is an extremely simplified and streamlined process from start to finish and it all starts with your basic idea or scenario which you have in mind and provide me in advance.

Same day projects are not a problem and fast turn-arounds are guaranteed.

Custom Cartoon Portfolio And Gallery

Along with this information, I am providing a cartoon portfolio of work in order to familiarize you with my sense of humor and drawing style.

Take your time browsing and look through the cartoons offered as it will provide a greater insight into what I can do.

As I have emphasized in the past, cartoons still have a great mental “shelf-life” and certain comics will stick in your customer’s memory for many years in the future.

Think about how well other cartoons and cartoon characters or cartoon images have stuck in people’s minds that relate to products, or messages you want to convey.

Some Innovative uses For Custom Cartoons

  • coloring books to use as give-aways as part of promoting your products and services
  • Special cartoon created to use on social media
  • Cartoon characters to represent your company or focus
  • Special cartoons used in books at the start of each chapter
  • Cartoons for posters that have a special message
  • Humorous illustrations for use on products such as t-shirts and coffee mugs
  • Cartoons can be used in presentations to entertain your audience
  • A company cartoon calendar with a different comic for each month of the year
  • Cartoons for your printed newsletter or electronic newsletter
  • Cartoons and humorous illustrations have always made an impact on selling, promoting and helping to get a point across or to make a point.
  • Custom humorous illustration for magnetic signs for vehicles
  • Single panel gag cartoons created for road side billboards
  • Special illustrations can be created for catalogs such as fillers

My cartoon licensing fees are also varied based on your usage of the artwork or cartoons in question. We’ll negotiate this pricing in advance.

All fees include creating the initial rough sketches