Custom cartoon characters that represent your business or company

Custom cartoon characters created to represent your company or business are available. Have you ever thought of having a character created to represent your mission or your product?

custom cartoon characters

Have you thought it might be too costly or time consuming to get a unique cartoon character to  be your spokesperson or rep?

Cartoons created based on the character you have in mind

Look no further! You’ve come to the right cartoon resource, as I’ve created cartoons that have been used in the past by a variety of professionals.

As an example, an insurance company asked me to create their “vision”…a character named Bennie The Benefit Manager. Benny appears in the cartoon sample I am including with this information – he’s the guy on the left.

The super hero cartoon character is the owner of the insurance business (Patrick) and Pat thought of having him caricatured into the scene would also help his customers and recipients identify that much more with “Benny”.

I thought, “why not”? The customer is always right! You’ll also be right, in telling me how to illustrate the cartoon character you need for promoting your own service or business!

Your personal cartoon character will represent your service and speak to your customers!

Pricing to create any character is based on a variety of elements such as size of your company, if the image is going to be used for representing you in a direct-mail cartoon campaign or if the character will be used in many wide applications, such as in social media, your web site, in print advertising and much more.

Please provide this information in advance, so as to provide you with a reasonable quote that fits your advertising and developmental budget. Custom cartoon characters will be developed as soon as you need something and you have an idea in mind. Fast turn around time is also guaranteed and as always, just ask questions you may have!