Cartoons animated for your professional and business needs

Custom cartoon animation services are available for web or other digital promotional projects you’re planning. custom cartoon animation servicesThe sample animation on my page was created by fellow cartoonist Ron Coleman who has created a lot of other animation samples you can access on the same page to get an idea of his abilities.

I’ve agreed to collaborate with Ron and use his sample animation here of one of my single panel gag cartoons that was actually chosen from an existing single panel construction cartoon and this ought to provide you with a better insight as to what can actually be done, even with existing cartoons I offer here.

Custom cartoon animation services available for any professional usage

Custom cartoon animation services can be used for many aspects of self promotion….think about the following bullet points that should assist in giving better insights. Look through any of the over 5,000 different single panel gag cartoons you can access here and browse through. The cartoon characters in the animation are from this cartoon. And all of my cartoons you can access through my cartoon catalogs can be animated to your needs if you see a potential usage.


The following bullet points emphasize potential applications for having your own custom cartoon animation created:

  • A cartoon animation can be used on your homepage or blog
  • Custom animation can create a better impact than plain words
  • Cartoon animations leave an indelible impression on visitors
  • Animations can be used on social media and in email promotions
  • Animations that are customized show that you have credibility
  • Create a corporate animation as an introduction to a presentation
  • Have an animation created to introduce a product at a trade show
  • Cartoon animations will have a lasting impact you continuously use
  • Create an animation for use on your business or sales page
  • Promotional animations can be embedded on any social media pages

Animate your ideas with cartoons as a business promotional tool!

Think about any other options in which using an animation will enhance your business efforts. Your only limitation is your imagination!
How it would work is that you basically describe the video you have in mind, and a story board will be created for your review and approval. Once the story board is approved, the animation process will begin and you’ll get the sample animation supplied in a follow up email for your approval.

Pricing is based on various factors. The two most important factors being length and use. By length, do you want two minutes? Three minutes, or more? The longer the animation, the more time involved to lay it out and implement movement, editing and ultimately supplying an animation.


Also considered is usage. Will it be used on many platforms? Or just a web page? The greater the usage applied to an animation, the more intrinsic value to that animation and ultimately the greater the value and fee to produce. Ask questions in advance, if you have them and a fast response is guaranteed. If we need to discuss, email a contact number where to call you and we can discuss at length.