Custom Cartoons For Calendars

Custom Calendar Cartoons

custom cartoon calendarEver wonder where you can get custom calendar cartoons? I can provide you with any kind of humorous illustrations or cartoons based on your ideas for a quality corporate or company calendar.

Over many years, I’ve created ideas provided by consultants, authors, graphic designers etc. that were use in typical wall calendars. These kinds of calendars are ideal for promotional purposes and you can use them as promotional hand outs or give-aways at seminars, presentations, sales meetings or simply offer them for sales through your company blog or a special sales page on your web site.custom calendar cartoons 2

I’m including several samples of a recent promotional calendar I had created for a marketing firm. For this year’s calendar, they decided upon a super hero theme throughout all 12 monthly cartoons. The owner of the firm advised his director to supply me with a set of concepts or ideas which she emailed me in a set of detailed emails.

Custom Cartoon Calendars For Professionals

custom calendar cartoons 3I them created a rough sketch layout o each idea, scanned that artwork into a designated folder for safe keeping and future reference. I then began attaching all of the rough sketches for her review. After receipt of all rough sketches, she advised me of detailed changes and alterations she wanted on each of the 12 cartoons. I then made those appropriate changes which she then passed by the boss for approval and all of the illustrations were then colorized, sized according to their specifications, and then sent via email attachment.

How To Start The Creation Process For Calendar Illustrations

custom calendar cartoons 4I can work with you in this same way, and all you need to do is contact me with your request and I can send you a quote to see if my pricing and your budget are compatible and if there are any other specific questions you may have.
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