Custom Blog Cartoons

custom blog cartoons

Custom cartoons for authors of blogs available

No longer do cartoonists thrive in just a paper or hard copy world. Creating custom blog cartoons helped me realize this over the years as more and more clients have become strictly digital. many newsletter publishers would solicit single panel cartoons for use in their monthly or weekly hard copy issues, long before the impact the internet had upon cartooning.

Now as we move forward in the digital realm, it is becoming more and more apparent at how important web sites and blogs are as markets for cartoons. Professional bloggers are the new editors of “publishing”. Prior to the impact of the internet, trade journals, newsletters, newspapers and hard copy was the sole respource where cartoons appeared.

Do blog authors need cartoonists? You decide

One of my clients who I’ve illustrated books and calendars for is now assigning custom cartoons for blog posts. It seems to be the nature of the cartooning beast so to speak. I certainly don’t mind it, since I’ve adapted over as many years. I still create the original cartoon ideas on paper, and sketching the rough concepts in pencil, inking them in and scanning into Photoshop. I then show the clients these rough sketches for their approval or for any changes before I move ahead and finalize the image digitally.

Cartoons easily convey your message and help emphasize your written content

The cartoon sample above is to show how this applies. My client wanted this image re-drawn to his specs for a blog post that pertained to old marketing methods and how old marketers (the dinosaurs) failed to move to a more improved platform (a new one, like Noah’s ark) and since they didn’t, perished on a sinking ship like the Titanic. Bloggers have specific messages they want to emphasize and convey.

Consider cartoon concepts carefully

With a simple well-thought out humorous illustration or cartoon, that message can have a better impact on the visitor and reader. The author also shows his followers he is unique in a sense. That sense comes in the form of humor. Cartoons to be exact!