Crying Cartoons

Crying cartoons about emotional babies and people who are laughing so hard. This is probably you! crying cartoonsSee the cartoons in my catalog by clicking the cartoon here. Are you writing an emotional article or blog post? Are you blogging about a baby with a chip on it’s shoulder? Many of these cartoons are depicting emotional characters….whether they are crying from happiness or some other issue. That sad crying cartoon face gets you everytime.

Cartoons about cry babies and emotional people

Any of these cartoons will be available for automatic download after you make payment using the easy to use payment buttons made available for your convenience.


All cartoons are also available for reprinting in any commercial projects including posters, calendars and any social media usage from Twitter to Facebook and Instagram. I will re-draw and re-caption any of these drawings to better fit your presentation, blog post or article  or direct-mail campaign.

I also will create a customized humorous illustration for any of your print or digital needs – my specialty. Custom drawings and cartoons speak to your audience in a direct and straight forward manner.

They will definitely make an impact on them and can make an indelible impression which will associate them to your writing or pages a lot faster than having some type of boring clip art or photograph.

In fact these specific cartoons may have you laughing so hard that you’ll cry. Why? they’re funny! Plain and simple. I’ve always tried to depict some type of emotional appearance on the faces of my characters. Whether they are frightened and I am showing them sweating bullets or they have a red face from being angry, it always helps to convey the message a lot better by showing some sort of facial expression that’s exaggerated in some way. Contact me with any questions you might have about any cartoons here and thanks for checking out my crying cartoon characters.