Crazy cartoons featuring psychiatric cartoon humor

crazy cartoonsCrazy cartoons about psychiatry and psychiatrists and their patients can be illustrated for your next book or licensed for presentations and publications.

Many years along and into my single panel gag cartooning career, I was creating cartoons about psychiatry.

Mental illness isn’t a funny subject but cartoon scenarios dealing with people who visit their psychiatrists have been popular subject matter for years.

These kinds of cartoons have appeared in a variety of other general humor magazines.

Cartoon humor featuring psychiatry and psychiatrists

The topic works great for making a gag panel cartoon and I’ve created many! The sample I am providing along with this article should give you an idea I hope!

Many of the best known men’s magazines of the day were running these kinds of cartoons and if you were continually circulating your cartoons to this genre of publishing, you stood a good chance of selling something to one of them.

I am available to also illustrate these kinds of cartoons for your professional projects including authors who may be writing books about the subject of psychiatry or consultants.

If you happen to be a specialist in consulting or if you’re doing facilitation work in the field of psychiatry, my cartoons are ideal for use in your presentations.

Psychiatry cartoons about crazy people or patients

I can also alter existing captions or gag lines under any existing cartoons in my catalog and can also colorize any of the images you find that are black and white.

My crazy cartoons can also be re-drawn or altered to fit any other project you’re currently working on, whether it’s a funny calendar, poster or if you want to use something on social media to promote an event or gathering.

If you’d prefer to talk about something in the way of having a certain cartoon created, email me your phone number and I will call you immediately.  No deadline is too tight and I have met many!