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Corporate Cartoons

Corporate cartoons for publishers of newsletters, books and special power point projects are readily available from my business cartoon catalog. These cartoons are popular with business authors and calendar publishing production. I have personallycorporate cartoons created and published many of these specialized single panel gags that revolve around the business side of life for as many years as I can remember. Many publications such as Cashflow magazine, Management Review Magazine, Credit Union Magazine, Building Briefs and other business related publications have all published my work on an intermittent basis.
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Any of my corporate cartoons can be modified to your liking. Whether you need a gag line underneath the image changed, or if you need an image colorized, just ask.  I also will redraw any cartoon at your request and if you want a special custom cartoon created, I also specialize in custom cartoons. Custom images speak to your niche and will drive home your point in a more direct manner. They will pertain directly to your business or company and your readers or visitors will be impressed by the fact a custom cartoon represents you!

Authors have access to my cartoons for books!

Are you an author? Have you considered the fact that executive cartoons like these are also a great addition to your books? I’ve had my cartoons appear in many business textbooks and books written and sold on Amazon. If interested, I can supply you with links to those publications for additional reference.

Ask any questions you may have in regards to cartoon illustrations

If you’re not interested in licensing any images you see throughout my catalogs, I am available to illustrate your ideas which can be used to introduce chapter headings or to introduce readers to the vital content in the beginning of each additional chapter. Any questions you may have, just ask.

You might also be interested in my female executive cartoons collection and also my office cartoons catalog which offer an additional set of my cartoons to consider if you’re looking for this kind of humor for your project.