Corona Virus Cartoons
corona virus cartoons

corona virus cartoonsCorona virus cartoons can be used in your books, newsletters, web pages and social media. The corona virus outbreak is cause for reflection across the globe now, and hope a few cartoons may bring some light-hearted humor to consider on this most serious medical subject. At no other time in recent history has one single viral infection spread so quickly and killed so many people in modern times. I can help any authors, journalists and writers to better convey their messages with a unique kind of cartoon or single panel comic according to their art instruction also.

Corona Virus Comics Illustrated For Your Projects

Just tell me what to draw and I’ll render your idea or concept into a rough sketch and attach it for yourcorona virus cartoons consideration. No matter what aspect you are writing about in concern to this infectious malady, I feel some type of comic relief will help you to convey your message in a smoother and simplistic way. Whether you need one cartoon or several, let me know. If you want to talk, email a phone number where you can be reached and I will call you immediately. I don’t like listing my business number online so as to avoid unwanted telemarketing calls.

This new virulent form of flu will affect the upper respiratory system as well as the overall  body and many researchers and medical professionals in the World Health Organization and Center For Disease Control are working on a vaccine to combat this new disease. The corona virus is not only affecting people but the stock market and all commerce globally.

This is an unexpected calamity for the  medical community worldwide and with diligence and perseverance by the CDC and WHO and everyone else, this dilemma should be gradually conquered.
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