Consistent cartooning requires cartoonists to create new cartoons daily

Consistent cartooning can only be best described as drawing each and every day.

consistent cartooningNo matter if you have a deadline to meet, no matter if you have so many single panel gag cartoons to create or how many cartoon sketches you plan to put into your sketch book. It doesn’t matter. I have had the desire to be creative almost each and every day of my so called “cartooning career”.

Being consistent will test the cartoonist’s creativity!

It’s a given that I need to draw something. I don’t care what. Have you ever gone days without drawing if you are a cartoonist? Have you left your creative endeavors by the wayside when you should really be putting new cartoon panels into the system? Have you forsaken your obligations towards the ole’ sketch book?

Fear not, it isn’t saying you lost your ‘cartooning mojo’ or your creative drive is on the wane. It happens from time to time!

Consistent cartooning is a discipline. It really takes time. Even days that turn into weeks. Let those weeks turn into months and then look back at what you’ve done. Look at all the cartoons you’ve produced in a year.

When the magazine cartoon buying market was at it’s zenith, I committed to myself that I’d do at least a cartoon per day, or a total of 365 new gag panels a year. I did surpass that mark after so many years because each year, on a consistent basis, I was selling just over 400 single panel gag cartoons per day.

For me, this wasn’t bad….because at the same time, I slowly and gradually branched out into creating small article illustration assignment that magazine editors asked me to draw.

But it takes patience to be consistent, so keep that in mind. You are not a cartooning machine, you’re only human. What I mean to say, is don’t burn yourself out! Consistent cartooning also means you need to take breaks away from it….this will help you to avoid ‘cartoonist burnout‘ – similar to writer’s burnout, which will be yet another topic I want to touch upon. It has happened to me many times, so come back please, as I want to relate some thoughts on that subject as I gather them. Thanks greatly for taking the time to stop by the ole’ ToonBlog, until next time!