Comic Strips

comic strips

Custom strip created for web hosting company

Comic strips have always been the “go to” content in the local newspaper to escape reality.

So much so for the creatively inclined. I still recall as a kid when the big stacked Sunday Detroit Free Press arrived and I would pull out the huge booklet sized insert of full color comics to absorb. By absorb, I mean take in the thick drippy looking pen lines of Pogo and the Katzenjammer Kids….stealing hot pies that grandma left to cool on the window sills.

All of the action that the old Dick Tracy cartoons had instilled within my mind and so much of the sci-fi type of tools Mr. Tracey used that seem to be a part of normalcy today.

Comic strips inspire young cartoonists

I believe that as a kid or youngster who liked drawing, these weekly releases were so much  of an inspiration that there won’t be too many “established” cartoonists who would disagree with you when asking them if Sunday funnies were an inspiration to them.

As a way of training myself, I tore out favorite strips, had scissors and cut out my favorite panel cartoons like Grin and Bear It, Hazel and others to see how Ted Key used the black and whites in daily panels to offset characters within…he was one of the masters. I would trace, or freehand sketch certain characters and become amazed at how simple and easy it was to mimic or duplicate some of the characters.
Years (many years!) later, this intensive study assisted in my own ability to offer personal clients custom comic strips.

Businesses can also benefit from having their own strips created for use in promotion, print advertising and digital usage. Comic strips are not just for the newspaper these days. Custom comic strips can be strategically designed and used in order to promote your own business or service