Comic Shop Book Review

comic shop book reviewComic Shop book review is a very in depth look into the world of the comic book
genre and the actual comic book shops that sold these unique forms of entertainment for youth – and yes, many adults. Comic Shop is the first book which tells the story of the “cockroaches of pop culture”, as the founder of Free Comic Book Day founder Joe Field calls these shops and those very tireless and somewhat haphazard innovators who ran them are called. This roughly 258 page tome delves deep into the backgrounds of many of the well known owners of shops like Bud Plant and Phil Seuling along with Jonni Levas at Sea Gate distributors. Many decent black & white photos from days gone by adorn various chapters.

Comic Book Shop Stories

Dan Gearino authors Comic Shop which has a forward written by Tom Spurgeon. It’s quite evident as you read through all of the informative chapters that Dan took a great deal of time gathering so much pertinent information, stories and quotes by the top distributors, sellers and artists and comic book creators in the business. The book is segmented into two different parts. Part 1 are “The Cockroaches Of Pop Culture” themselves where a plethora of interesting chapters detail various operators and how they started or evolved. Part 2 “Noteable Comic Shops Of The United States And Canada” which has an equal number of stories and experiences told by many who were interviewed for the book.

Comic Shop book review focuses on a lot of gossip relating to some of the big publisher’s money problems is reflected upon, as recently as 2017. Rather than giving you a spoiler to what is profiled in the book, a good comics fan probably knows some of the big publishers already. One big comic shop operator out in San Francisco mentions many celebrities coming in and buying many tiles…notably comedian Robin Williams and other recognizable names.

Book Reviews Available

The book is published by Ohio University Press – which is an updated and expanded paperback edition covering the wild retail landscape which followed the hardcover edition’s release, which was a time that was brutal for stores and was rich for comics as an art form.

Over one hundred retailers , top creators and comic book publishing veterans are interviewed throughout the book and many extensively. This revised guide includes dozens of the most interesting comic book shops throughout the U.S. and Canadian provinces. A bonus for fans of the comic book art form!

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