Cigarette Smoking Cartoons

Cigarette Smoking Cartoons


cigarette smoking cartoons

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Cigarette smoking cartoons can be found in my catalogs by clicking the cartoon to access my samples. How the times have changed! Cigarette smoking cartoon humor or cartoons depicting characters with a cigarette seemed normal. Cartoons and the characters we draw are now better off as looking “politically correct” and healthier! I say this after recently looking at some previously published cartoon panels which had characters smoking cigarettes in them. How uncouth were my characters back then. I refer to the 1970’s, 80’s and into the 90’s. It wasn’t unusual for me to be in a hurry and try to draw a panel as fast as I could so I could get on to the next. Oblivious to the fact I had created “addicted” characters!

Cartoons featuring cigarette smokers are obsolete

In those days, smoking was an acceptable social act, a way to commiserate with one another. Mind you, I was never into smoking those smelly things but it seemed everyone I knew or hung out with had developed this nasty habit. And since I was the ubiquitous “observant cartoonist” it was only natural that I somehow include this  trait in with my cartoon characters. Not all of my cartoons depicted cigarette smokers…in fact, only a small percentage, compared to how many images I’ve actually produced. But when I stumble upon them, they (the characters and the overall look of the gag) seems out of place.

Cigarette smoking cartoons can be modified in my selections here

I’m sharing a specific cartoon here, which I had in my morgue that shows a couple in a lounge as a lady tells a man smoking a cigarette: “I think someone slipped a Mickey in your drink.” as Mickey Mouse peers out over the edge of the man’s drink. Cigarette smoking cartoon humor is now obsolete based on advertising and social political correctness. And this can only be a good thing for all cartoon characters overall. Other cartoons such as a cigarette cartoon character are not unusual in my samples I offer here.