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Childrens book illustrator Elise Primavera has written and illustrated Marigold Star which is nowchildrens book illustrator available.

Having been a childrens book illustrator myself, I am compelled to write this book review after having read through Elise’s latest! After receiving my advance copy, I have to say it is an interesting insight into the magical powers of Marigold who has a pet dragon and makes many friends along the way throughout this over 221 page book.

Elise has illustrations throughout the book with many lavishly whimsical drawings that will be appreciated by all readers.  Marigold is so cool and can be understood as only good, because that is only what she sees….the good in others.

She is initially friendless in the story because she’s invisible to others. And there is a star that appears constantly over Marigold’s head.

That means she is destined for greatness. Here is where the story gets interesting, because she is great at nothing…except for making friends!

Now, is that a dichotomy or not? Maybe not! The story explains she cannot fly nor can she do the Invisibility Spell! With her “powers” waning and her special star beginning to blink, she make a point to visit Granny Cabbage. Granny implores her to find her magic power!

Marigold Star

Acting on these instructions, Marigold takes Granny’s advice but in the process loses her magic wand. Unfortunately during the experience, she lands in the bedroom of one of the most unpopular human girls who likes no one!

Worse yet, this unpopular girl is in possession of Marigold’s magic wand! Is Marigold still invisible or not? Without providing a spoiler alert, you are advised to get this book as soon as possible!

Harper Collins Publishers Of Children’s Books

During Marigold’s experiences of learning to see the good in others, she also learns to see the good in herself….you’ll have to get the book to learn the reast of this unique and interesting story that was written by (and illustrated!) by Elise. Marigold Star is published by Harper – An Imprint Of Harper Collins Publishers.