Chicken Soup For The Soul books published many of cartoons

Chicken Soup cartoons I created are luckily a part of my portfolio I mention here at DansCartoons and wanted to touch upon them in a quick post on the ole ToonBlog. chicken soup cartoons

The actual concept of Chicken Soup For The Soul books exploded rather quickly.

Due in no small part because the concept took hold when the internet was still in it’s infancy.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people were online and many were just learning how important it was to market themselves online.

But overall, the purchase of books and automatically downloading them for reading, like e-books and such, just wasn’t popular.

Chicken Soup books were New York Times best sellers

What was popular, was the fact most people liked buying actual physical products, printed tomes they could hold in their hands, browse through and mentally digest from page to page.

Another important factor regarding the popularity of this publishing concept was the books were reaching a large audience based on their subject matter.

Subject matter like Christianity, family values and raising kids, getting married and all of the foibles involved with the wide topics involved with just trying to live a normal life.

Humorous books include the Chicken Soup line of books!

Not to mention it was a “group effort”…people from all walks of life could contribute their own stories and experiences on a single subject and for many, this was their first real time to realizing they were published in a world-wide book that for all intents and purposes was probably going to make the New York Times Best Sellers list.

The same goes for other contributions like cartoons. Chicken Soup cartoons have been a popular feature in many of the titles. I’ve even illustrated custom introductory cartoons for specific titles, aside from having regular single panel gag cartoons appearing in various titles.

Chicken Soup cartoons for the soul

Click the following link to see the various titles in which my Chicken Soup For The Soul cartoons have appeared. What cartoons that I created in the Chicken Soup books you’ve seen were your favorites? If you have a favorite, would you let me know? I could tell Chicken Soup enterprises who may consider more cartoons for future titles they’re planning. Thanks for taking the time to visit the ToonBlog, and as always…keep laughing