Chair Cartoons

Chair cartoons about people sitting in various types of chairs can be found throughout my catalogs. Are you looking for a cartoon depicting a recliner? chair cartoonsAre you looking for a cartoon involving a lawn chair? Or you might be seeking a cartoon character sitting in a chair at the dinner table.

I offer up a wide selection to browse and they are for your convenience for easy purchasing and downloading. I’ve always appreciated the comfort of a nice big “easy chair” that let’s you put your feet up with a foot rest and get so comfortable you could sleep all night in it. I’ve illustrated many of these kinds of chairs and have drawn cartoon characters sitting in them!

A variety of chair cartoons is available to consider

A cartoon office chair might be something you seek, and I guarantee you’ll find many of them throughout my selection, although an office worker of some sort is sitting in it. A nice cartoon school chair may yet be another kind of chair being sought out…although there’s most likely some kind of student sitting in it. Fret not, I am always willing to re-draw any of my chair cartoons to your preference. Just ask.

A potpourri of cartoons featuring chairs!

You’ll find cartoons of babies in high chairs, people sitting in the dentist’s chair and dare I say…even an electric chair! Don’t worry, that cartoon is just that – a cartoon! You won’t see Ole’ Sparky actually in operation. I make up for it by offering an old granny rabbit sitting in her rocking chair! Perhaps a chair behind a desk cartoon is what you might be looking for…there are many!


By taking some time to browse through, you may also be inspired and get a new idea from which you could have me draw, so keep this in mind.