CEO Cartoons

CEO Cartoons

CEO cartoons are easily found throughout my cartoon web catalogs here at DansCartoons and thought I’d share a few to re-emphasize their availability.

One of the first kinds of single panel gag cartoons I sold was a business related cartoon and the Bureau Of Business Practice based in Connecticut took one out of a first submission from me.

When a cartoonist is just beginning, and trying his best to get an editor’s attention, a “first sale” is a major ego boost. It doesn’t necessarily turn one into an ego maniac, although it’s a form of vindication.

You feel as though you “have arrived” so to speak, as you continue creating new panels to back up those which were held by a publisher or actually accepted for print!

Crazy cartoon scenarios

Check out these crazy cartoon scenarios:

A boss complaining to his employee he wants unconditional money ceo cartoons

CEO handing bank satchel to an employee in case his company is investigated

Executive walks out of CEO’s office holding his head under his arm

Chief executive offer berates an employee and threatens to cut his corporate salary

CEO has actual white tail deer sitting in his lap complains about passing the buck

Chief Executive reads book ‘Success For Dummies’

Female chief executive sites by sign on her desk that makes fun of her past

Don’t even think of having the buck stop here!

Chief Executive Officer Cartoons Just For You

I can provide a more in-depth selection of ceo cartoons if you need something for a print project you’re working on or perhaps a digital project that can use this kind of content. I can always re-draw and colorize work, not to mention re-caption material to your liking or to speak to any readership or audience.


If there are any questions, I can answer them as soon as I hear from you. Drop a line to my email address on my contact page or use the simple form. A fast response is guaranteed as always.