Cello cartoons about cellists

Cello cartoons customized to your requirements are available. Have you searched for the right clip art that speaks to your audience?

Have you wanted to find an image that represents your orchestra or musical?cello cartoons

You’ve come to the right place! I offer you my cartooning abilities to create a special custom cartoon for your social media pages and web site.

I have been creating niche cartoons for many years and offer my services to do any type of niche illustrations including cello cartoons!

I am providing a recent sample here to give an idea as to how cartoons can be used by your organization or orchestra.

This cartoon was commissioned by StringWorks who sell cellos and the owner wanted a cartoon created to his specifications for use in his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.

cellist cartoons

Rough sketch first created for this project

He gave me his idea after I quoted him a fee to create the illustration that is on this page. I first created the rough sketch and showed it to him for his review.

After careful consideration, I was advised as what to change and improve upon and then showed it again, to which he approved for color.

Custom cellist cartoons and illustrations

The cartoon was then colorized and formatted in high resolution for inclusion on his various social media platforms and the cartoon started getting shares right away.

The black and white image was an initial rough sketch I first showed and Todd wanted the cartoon in an actual case, so I re-edited the cartoon and showed it again.

I am willing to make numerous changes to any rough sketches until we reach the final goal, which is a cartoon you’re satisfied with!

Musical instrument cartoons available!

Musical instrument cartoons are a favorite of mine, and I can create electronic guitar cartoons, drum set and drummer cartoons and much more.

Niche cartoons like these are my specialty, so keep me in mind and don’t hesitate to contact me for a quote regarding any special kind of cartoon work you need. Just specify if the final art will be in color or black and white line art.