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Cartoons For Writing Professionals

Cartoons writers may need can easily be found in any of the more than sixty separate web catalogs made available for easy purchase and downloading. I was just contacted by an author in San Diego requesting reprint rights to one of my law cartoons for a book she’s working on. I’ve been getting requests for specific cartoons for reprinting in small book projects which got me to thinking how I can reiterate the value of using cartoons in their writing projects.

I think many authors are so busy with the actual writing process in their minds, that they rarely take time to investigate the potential ease with which having a creative cartoonist assist in helping them get their point(s) across.

I just wrote this brief tome for those writers, professors and authors who may find the information useful.

How cartoons can enhance writers

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Cartoons can assist you in making a statement from a professional point of view.

Over the years, the use of cartoons has assisted copy writers, authors, consultants, web designers, art directors, graphic designers, editors and newspaper publishers and many other professionals who want to make a statement with whatever specific written project they’re working on.

Cartoons for writing projects

A consultant may be preparing that special Powerpoint presentation in which a clever cartoon is used for infusing some humor and laughter into an otherwise text laden presentation.

Using cartoons in your presentations will help to emphasize specific bullet points, not to mention assist in emphasizing a better understanding of your content to the audience.

Do you like making people laugh when you present? Think how easy that can be achieved with some cleverly placed cartoons throughout your Powerpoint!

Cartoons writers use are available in black and white or in color

Cartoons can also be customized to use for your book publishing project where a custom cartoon can be used in each chapter heading of your story or writing project.

When a reader begins digesting your story or content, a specific cartoon image that is created, will help familiarize the reader to each chapter’s content or focus.

Think how much more diverse and professional your written project will look and appear with customized cartoons that also assist in telling your story or helping to convey your book’s focus.

Cartoons writers can license at reasonable rates

Cartoon illustrations are ideal for cover designs too. Web designers may wonder how to make a page look diverse or more appealing to the visitor when all it takes is adding a simple cartoon.

A daily auto-updating web cartoon is actually very easy to add to the HTML of any specific web site or specific web page. Many times, this type of content is ideal for adding a humorous feel to your format and at the same time you’ll ensure your followers and visitors will return each day for the next cartoon.

Cartoons can guarantee steady traffic and ensure a devoted following! I was recently contacted by the editor of an electronic newsletter that was emailed to his subscribers each month.

He asked about using my work in each issue and I told him he could choose any specific image from any of the various catalogs I make available and I quoted him a licensing fee for using each cartoon to which he agreed.

In his response, he wanted several and I sized them to his preferred column width in his newsletter’s template and attached the cartoons in my follow-up email and it was a simple transaction.

If you have a newsletter, just advise your number of recipients or what the circulation of your newspaper or digital newsletter is. This will assist in providing you with a reasonable licensing fee based on your circulation.

Any hard copy print, or digital  format or template is excellent real estate to include cartoons in. Whether you have a printed newsletter, an e-newsletter, newspaper, web page, Facebook page, magazine, book, t-shirt, catalog, brochure, calendar, poster or invitation then a panel cartoon will get the reader’s attention!

Are there other formats or ways in which an image like cartoon or comic strips can attract attention? Are you aware of any unknown uses for cartoons? There could be an untapped market and you  aren’t even aware of it.

There are many innovative uses for cartoons and your only limitation is your imagination! Cartoons writers need can be found anytime, right here, feel free to bookmark this site on your desktop for quick and easy reference and thank you for visiting!