Cartoons matter because not every tangible publication (whether digital or print) has a sense of humor. Publications that invest in cartoons are better for it.  cartoons matterThe cartoons used may reflect the types of employees who actually visit and read your publication. And the readers or visitors develop a kinship to your editorial sense of humor.


Don’t believe me? Ask editors of large circulation magazines like Reader’s Digest or The New Yorker. Many others are out there you could ask this same question. Fact of the matter is, cartoons pull in your reader’s feelings, emotions and attention. They can relate. And when they “relate”, that relating means telling other friends and co-workers about you.

Cartoons equal laughter and laughter is good for your health

It may well act as a form of free promotion or advertising. A symbiotic sense of kinship  and you’ll gain new readers and visitors. A sense of humor is built not only on laughs but on understanding…that translates into appreciation no less. In a greater sense, you’ll be appreciated for having a sense of humor and helping to make the subscriber or reader feel a sense of humor and want to laugh out loud. A win-win for you.

Cartoonists are “jesters in print”

What are some suggestions for how editors can use cartoons to better engage with one another and your publication itself? Well, I’d say you have to consider topics you think your readers will understand and relate to. An old concept among comedic talent is that people like making observations about certain things they find scary or odd or dumb or difficult to understand. Another popular question for an editor would be: “When would it be inappropriate to use a cartoon or cartoons?

Keep your cartoon usage light-hearted and those you find the funniest!

Keep your cartoon usage light hearted. If a cartoon used, implies some sort of complaint or “power play” (like making fun of readers), you might be making yourself and your publication’s mission look like the “bad guy” and you’d be ill perceived.

Cartoons matter in any form of publishing

Better yet, designate a part of your site or publication with a “humor page” and showcase your funniest stable of artists there. Use a variety of cartooning styles and writing. You might be amazed at how well the section will be received. Don’t forget, “cartoons matter“! Thanks for taking the time out to drop by this cartoon blog and feel free to contact me at anytime with cartooning related topics you’d like me to cover. I have viewpoints on many aspects I will be sharing in the not too distant future!