Cartoons For Branding and Identity

3 ways cartoons can engage with clients and enhance your website

cartoons impact brandingCartoons have been around for hundreds of years. They have always had something to say about life, and the rather odd situations we human beings find ourselves in.
Let’s face it, without cartoons life would be dull and uninteresting.
So, how can you use cartoons to enhance the look of your website and engage with potential clients further?
You don’t want people quickly swiping or clicking away. You want them to stay long enough to see your great products or services.
Here are three ways cartoons can have a significant impact on your business branding.

1. Humor connects us all

There is no doubt that humor connects us all. While age, money, social status, nationality and life choices make us all unique and different, there is one thing that brings every single human being on the planet. That is the ability, and the need, to laugh!
Sure you can make a joke with someone in person or on the phone, but you can’t do that for every potential client who visits your site. You simply can’t be there in person greeting people online. However, by using cartoons placed in strategic areas they can break down barriers for you and make everyone who visits your site feel welcome. Cartoons are highly sharable too!

2. Cartoons are eye catching

Cartoons are a visual representation on any subject, which you can use to immediately draw attention to an important message on your site.
Everyone recognizes the familiar format of the cartoon. It is live a universal beacon that is easy to recognize and understand.
When visitors to your site see a cartoon, their eyes are going to be immediately drawn to it and then you’ve captures their interest.

3. Builds feelings of trust

Humor is the one thing that binds us and brings us together. It doesn’t matter what age we are or what race or creed, the ability to find something humorous cuts across all barriers.

Cartoons impact branding on websites

This will help you build feelings of trust in you, your brand and your products with your website visitors.
Cartoons offer so much to your website. Click here to find out what you are missing out on.