Cartoons For Websites

How cartoons can make your website stand out and get noticed

clown cartoons

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Cartoons enhance websites! Getting potential customers to your site is one thing, keeping them there is another. If you are serious about providing quality content then you should consider using cartoons.
There are thousands of people going online every hour across the globe. Individuals and businesses are turning to websites and, subsequently blogs, to meet new clients or share their thoughts and passions with anyone who will read them.

So how do you stand out from the crowd?

If your visitors are coming to your site, but they aren’t staying long this will affect your website’s bounce rate with Google. The longer someone stays on your site the more value you are offering visitors. If you are not sure about this check your bounce rates in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Cartoons enhance websites

Using cartoons is a sure-fired way to quickly connect with your visitors.

They speak to everyone’s sense of fun and mischief.
Best of all, your website will stand out from the thousands of others out there.

How many dentists or carpenters have websites? And, to be honest don’t websites from similar industries all look the same?

cartoons enhance websites
A daily cartoon created especially for your business in mind will get noticed immediately.

What benefits are there from cartoons?

Cartoons are like a universal language.

They are immediately recognizable no matter what language you speak. Furthermore, they can help you establish your brand instantaneously. While it may take someone up to a minute to read your tagline and your site’s introduction, a visual image which tells a comical or thought-provoking story will be identifiable in less than one second.

Regardless of what business you are in or what subject matter you cover, cartoons are a wonderful way to engage and entertain your visitors.

If you can keep your visitors smiling then they will remember you and keep coming back.

If you are a web site developer or web designer then consider graphic humor and comics as potential content for your site since this form or graphics will convey your message well and help you to make an impact with your readers / visitors. People remember cartoons and know that a site which employs the use of humor and graphics is a quality site.

One of my education cartoons was edited and customized for an educational website about tutoring. Take some time if you will, and scroll down the right of the page, where you’ll notice the owner of the site had me add her name into the gagline of that specific cartoon.

This same aspect can be taken care of for your own web site in order to personalize it for your vistors!

Think of how drab and boring your page appearance or site would come across if no images were used such as cartoons and comics. It cannot be emphasized enough: cartoons enhance websites!