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Cartoonist Syndication News

I’ve previously shared some old articles of Editor & Publisher magazine’s cartoonist syndication news from the Syndicates / News Services section and this page is yet another interesting one that reflects the various things that were going on from November 17, 1990.


There always seemed to be alot of things happening with cartoonists, magazines and the newspaper publishing business. Note where cartoonist Jules Feiffer who was doing cartoons for the Village Voice, was scheduled to be one of the symposium speakers at Columbia University’s Schermerborn Hall marking the 125th anniversary of The Nation.

For those who were unaware that cartoonists were able to do stand up comedy (way back to 1990), editorial cartoonist Steve Kelly of The San Diego Union was the stand up comedian opening act for Bernadette Peters. Not just one night but from November 30th through December 2nd at none other than the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

It looks like Bunny Hoest can cook, since she was a “celebrity chef” at a November 2 luncheon on the State University of New York’s Farmingdale campus to benefit the Center For Family Resources of Hempstead, N.Y. Alot of self syndication was also taking place as new operations came onto the scene as is evidenced by an operation called Insight News & Features. They were based in Toronto and were supplying mostly written content such as opinion pieces, color art and entertainment features and were expanding into the foreign publishing market.

The National Cartoonists Society was planning an ocean cruise from Miami to the Bahamas. Their second planned excursion of it’s kind where they planned on naming “Outstanding Cartoonist Of The Year” on May 17-20 1991. And see where they were planning a London adventure before that, on Feb. 7 through the 12th.

The one and only Harley Schwadron whose “Big Biz’ cartoon panel was syndicated by Davy Associates passed it’s one year anniversary and was published in 70 different publications – impressive for it’s first year of “gaining traction”.

Of additional interest is the ‘Comic discontinued‘ segment where noted cartoonist Larry Wright ended his ‘Wright Angles‘ cartoon feature which ran for 22 years. I am not certain what the reasoning was behind the decision but Larry also did the well known strip about a cat called ‘Kit N Carlysle‘.