Cartoonist Reminiscing

Cartoonist reminiscing about previous cartooning experiences . . . yes, I look back at some of the publishers I’ve had the experience of drawing cartoons for and sometimes wish the multitude of them existed today like they did back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. cartoonist reminiscingThe new reality is the “mobile” platform and digital experience that people now prefer. I don’t think hard copy or magazines as they were once known and revered will ever disappear. But they certainly aren’t the only form of print anymore. Digital! Keep that in your blogging and editing discipline.

Cartoonist reminiscing about current publishing trend

Google recently emphasized that web designers and digital publishers now need to conform to and keep the issue of mobile publishing in mind, more now than ever since the trend continues it’s popular rise. Gone are the days when gag cartoonists could rely on making a living by just keeping their favorite editors supplied in a steady stream of single panel gag cartoons. Cartoonists need to diversify by offering their illustration services by creating custom cartoons for any professional services possible.

I’m sharing an old letter from Kelly Garrett, Editorial Director at Velvet magazine who used to publish my color cartoons and they supplied an updated payment listing in this 1986 notification.

Print publications like this were affected greatly by the impact of the web like so many other men’s magazines, not to mention many other monthly publishers who relied on classified and display advertisers throughout their issues. The rates may seem low but keep in mind this was well over 30 years ago and many other publishers similar to Velvet were actively seeking well drawn and well written single panel cartoons.


I like to use these old letters from previous professional collaborative efforts as a reminder of the drastic changes in the way using cartoons in publishing has affected freelance gag cartooning. As a cartoonist reminiscing about the past,  hopefully this post will help to see other avenues of potential for cartoonists in the digital platform.