Publicity about your cartooning and cartoons

cartoonist publicity

Cartoonist publicity also involves newspaper interviews and television features about your work.

Cartoonist publicity is yet another topic that self employed freelance cartoonists need to consider. For the most part, cartooning in itself, can be an autonomous profession requiring diligent self promotion. A lot of cartoonists have the security of a syndication contract or are employed by publishing companies who continually call upon them for their illustration services.

For the most part, many cartoonists who languish in the profession are not seeking out or generating any publicity for themselves. When in fact, it’s crucial for more of us to be doing as much self promotion as possible.

Cartoonists should generate their own publicity through interviews

Cartoonists who self promote are increasing their odds of getting more assignments and orders for custom cartoons. I can’t emphasize enough how important that cartoonist publicity ensures the full time cartoonists a better chance of expanding his or her horizons.

To follow are some useful disciplines to follow in order to gain some traction in the cartooning business and generate attention to your cartoons and cartooning services:

  • Send a promotional brochure with samples of your cartoons to targeted recipients you’d like to work with
  • Purchase advertising page space in specialized artist and cartoonist illustration directories to promote your cartooning
  • Contact your local daily newspaper to interview you about your cartoons and cartooning business
  • Your local radio station may be interested in having you come in for an on-air interview about cartoons and cartooning
  • Build an online cartoon portfolio showing samples of your work and provide your contact information and how you can be reached
  • Use an online public relations service or news release service to send out a press release about your new web site / online cartoon portfolio
  • Cartoonist interviews by your local television station are another consideration that would generate visibility regarding your cartooning business

Free  cartoonist publicity about your cartoons and cartooning service online

This is just a small list, so much more can be thought of here. Can you think of other ways in which a young cartoonist might promote their cartooning abilities and services to the publishing world?

You could also create a small promotional cartoon of caricature of yourself you could use or include in an online feature such as the panel that appears in this article. It can be considered as using celebrity likeness in art that could accompany a feature story about cartooning. There are many variables to consider….perhaps a photograph or mugshot of yourself or anything that helps readers or viewers get an understanding of you, as a cartoonist! Cartoonist lives and their business can sometimes make for an interesting article, keep this in mind when preparing background information for any kind of profile you’re offering!

We’re now living in a technological age where it’s now easier than ever to find potential interest and clients for your cartoons. The sales you lack, could very well be at your finger tips!