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As an addendum to my last post Respecting Comics Cartoons, I am providing this cartoonist news from the same Editor & Publisher Syndicate News article with further remarks from various cartoonists.cartoonist news

Comic strip creators offer insights on state of newspapers

Many of the top cartoonists of the day, back in 1991 were critical of how newspapers reproduced their comic strips. Charles Schulz had said back then, comics were “the victims of poor reproduction” at a number of newspapers, and mentioned some papers have “squeezed down” Peanuts to the point where his characters are distorted. Schulz went on to say “it’s stupid to take something so popular [the comics section] and treat it shabbily.”

Small cartoons in smaller publications

The comic strip creator emphasized also, “If we could just be given more space, we could turn out work that’s so much better and so much more decorative.” Newspapers and magazines are trying to conserve money by using less paper due to high costs of newsprint and magazine stock which is a reflection on the state of cartooning in general.

Winsor McCay and Little Nemo

One interesting point Schulz also brought up in regards to the size of cartoons now, in comparison to the “golden age” of comic strips was this, “Everybody talks about how great ‘Little Nemo’ was, but Winsor McCay had a whole page.”

Nowadays, there are so many features being offered across the available spectrum [regarding newspaper comics pages]. This is probably a factor in why so many cartoonists now gravitate to using the internet to offer and display their work.

All of this said, back in 1991 has me wondering if now, in 2017 do young people grasp the impact that comic strips and cartoons have on their lives…from a reading standpoint and an intellectual standpoint? I often turned to the allure the comics pages had, when I was a kid. The Detroit newspapers had what seemed to be lavishly displayed ‘funny pages’….then as I got older and started to develop an interest in single panel gag cartooning, a lot of magazines were publishing gag cartoons. Many still do, but not as much.


I intend on posting future articles based on cartoonists and their opinions on all things comics and cartoon related, as I browse this horde of old syndicate news articles and feature stories.