Cartoonist information about cartooning  and cartoonists

Cartoonist information is readily available online. cartoonist information

I also provide background information on my own DansCartoons cartoon services and the gag cartoons I make available through my web catalogs.

By perusing the web, anyone interested in becoming a cartoonist or entering the field of cartooning can easily find valuable information based on the topic.

Everything from cartooning blogs to cartoonist interviews can easily be found!

I certainly wish we had access to all of this content back in the day when I was raring to go and wanting to find my way into becoming a cartoonist!

Information about cartooning acts as an inspiration for young cartoonists

For the new cartoonist on the block, there are also cartooning forums which you can join in order to learn from and glean valuable information from!

Cartoonists are also building more web sites that profile their work and services. These sites are also invaluable to the young artist looking at becoming a cartoonist.

They provide a lot of inspiration and at the other end of the spectrum are a phenomenal platform for the cartoonists themselves, who want to show off their best work in a portfolio of sorts.

Upon launching my own online cartoon portfolio many years ago, I made it a point to create separate pages that profile and promote my gag cartoons, my book illustration abilities, my bio page offering cartoonist information, a page showing how I price my cartoons when quoting for a potential cartoon assignment.

Online resources and web sites about cartooning

The internet offers a virtual cornucopia of related cartooning information and I always try to impress those who seek useful information about cartooning to go online as opposed to investing in rather expensive manuals, courses and books about becoming a cartoonist or humorous illustrator.