Cartoonist forums about cartooning and the business of being a cartoonist

Cartoonist forums such as Information For Cartoonists is an online group of cartoonists that I moderate on the LinkedIn site. It consists of well over two thousands members.cartoonist forums

I started the cartooning forum as a way for cartoonists to glean information about the business of cartooning and cartoonists in general.

It’s a loosely knit group consisting of fulltime magazine gag cartoonists, graphic designers, animators and of course, some comic strip cartoonists and book illustrators.

In the area of  illustrations, many are children’s book illustrators. I decided to start the group as a go-to resource for artists and cartoonists to share information such as marketing their cartoons and other posts are offering techniques as to how to color your cartoons using digital tablets.

Syndicated cartoonists are members of the cartoonist forum

Well known syndicated cartoonist Bill Abbott who draws the Spectickles cartoon which is distributed by Creators Syndicate recently contributed his personal spin on how his cartoons are colorized.  I think many members found highly interesting.

Other posts appear that promote online work shops for children’s book illustration.

How to draw specific types of cartoon characters are yet another profile offered by member Mark Mitchell who is an instructor at The Contemporary Austin Art School.

I also offer my two cents regarding the cartoon business and share how I promote my illustration and cartooning services and some of my past postings have dealt with such topics on how to negotiate with small overseas publishers.

Information For Cartoonists cartoon forum!

If you are new at cartooning, you are definitely welcome to join the cartoonist’s forum I moderate called Information For Cartoonists. Once you join, I am notified by LinkedIn and I can then accept you into the fold and once you’re in, you can browse all the past posts and topics.

If you have an associate looking for cartooning information, feel free to share this blog post with them and drop me a line in advance it you want to write articles or share your cartooning knowledge.

There are of course many other great cartoonist groups on social media, but I wanted to offer this forum as yet another alternative since LinkedIn is the “go to” resource for all things business.

That definitely includes the business of cartooning!