Stipulations associated with cartoon copyrights

Cartoonist copyright stipulations can be included in any negotiations cartoonists want to use when someone is interested in licensing their cartoons. cartoonist copyright stipulationsMany times, cartoonists forget to keep in mind other stipulations that may apply when a cartoon is being considered for a publishing project.

I know I have gone back many times to re-negotiate certain licensing uses regarding a specific cartoon. It can and does occur all the time, so make a note of this article and keep “stipulations” in the back of your minds.

In addition to a licensing fee applied to a cartoon, you have the right to include specific restrictions in your granting permission. To follow is a list which you might find helpful!

  • Number of uses. Permission is usually granted for “one time use only” or “all future editions, revisions or derivative works.”
  • Terms of the agreement (one year, five years, ten years, no limit)
  • Type of media. Permission is granted for “print versions only”
    (no electronic usage allowed)
  • Credit Lines. Proper credit should accompany the cartoon below or inline or on acknowledgement page.Provide an appropriate credit line if you prefer that it be specific.
  • Payment terms. Payment terms must be made immediately upon receipt of invoice for cartoon or cartoons.
  • Gift copies. Publisher must send you appropriate number of copies agreed upon when project is complete.

Cartoonists can get more value added licensing stipulations

This is a sample set of bullet points to keep in mind and you will no doubt realize others of your own that are not in this list. Add them!

Licensing rights for your cartoons should easily be understood

Over time, you will realize that over and over again, it becomes apparent that you need to protect certain aspects of your cartoon licensing rights.  Publishers, marketers and consultants who contact you for your cartoons will gradually respect your business acumen as you advance forward in your cartooning career while protecting your copyrights and promoting your cartoons!

Cartoonist copyright stipulations become second nature!

Cartoonist copyright stipulations are a part of cartooning that are learned through trial and error. At least they were for me. And I had many errors over many years. But as time goes on, you gradually understand the importance of cartoonist copyright stipulations involving your cartoons. It then becomes second-nature so to speak, when you get new requests and inquiries and apply this discipline within your efforts!