Cartoonist Burnout is part of being creative

Have you experienced cartoonist burnout? Have you actually ‘tried’ being creative at your drawing board and the ideas just don’t happen? Have you actually tried drawing lines on paper, like youcartoonist burnout normally do, and the enthusiasm is gone?

Cartoonist burnout is not uncommon. It isn’t any indication you’re experiencing any specific type of “mental” deficiency. Look at it from the actual creative perspective it should be put into.


Consider it a part of the cartooning process! Yes, I said it…a part of the actual process of creating cartoons! Why am I saying this? After experiencing the ‘burn out’ or the ‘dry run’ of thinking up cartoons and forcing myself the create cartoons, I can truly say it isn’t a bad thing.

Burnout is part of cartooning and never lasts

You are not alone if you’ve stumbled upon my article here! How do you like my silly looking cartoonist character who I created for this article? It’s a good representation of what a cartoonist may look like after burning out, trying to keep up with a deadline for his comic strip or keeping an editor happy with new cartoons for his or her magazine!

Ways in which you may remedy cartooning burnout

Some may ask, “is that you, Dan?” and my answer would be “I certainly hope not!”, although I have felt like that at times! From a personal perspective, some remedies  to fight cartoonist burnout would be:

  • Sleep is a weapon! Sometime not enough sleep may be affecting your creativity!
  • Diet. Do you eat a lot? Try cutting back – smaller portions. Over eating makes you ‘sluggish’
  • Exercise. Some times a rigorous exercise regimen can help immensely
  • Reading! Reading books about cartooning, read comic strips and visit cartooning sites. These help spark creativity!
  • Purposefully leave cartooning alone. Sometimes stepping away and forgetting it for a while helps!

This are only a small list, but it would be good to get other insights on how others  fight this recurring problem.

Like anything, it does not last, it’s like catching a cold, you deal with it and move forward. Your God-given talent far outweighs the occasional difficulties of burn out….everyone gets it, in all disciplines! As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by the ToonBlog!